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Totally Hela

Welcome to Totally Hela’s Magic Circle

A big glorious thank you to the uber talented
Annie Armitage who took this
photograph at the Birds of a Feather #firstfriday lunch.

The wonder of masterminding

Have you ever been a part of a collaborative project that was so in the flow that it seemed as if your group was capable of anything? Did you notice ideas and thoughts coming into your head out of nowhere? Thoughts that you never knew you had or that you were even capable of?

That’s the essence of masterminding. It’s when a group of people come together in harmony to achieve a definite purpose and goals are achieved through the power of the group. 

You instantly become way smarter by drawing on the collective grey matter and camaraderie of peers. They become a catalyst for growth and accountability. Potential power becomes real power if you take full advantage of all the opportunities that surround you so you can make your business the huge success it deserves to be.

The alchemy of the circle

If you’re going to do something great, find a group of people and go do it together. Hanging out with like-minded individuals is one of the most effective ways to grow both professionally and on a personal level.

If you want to navigate through business challenges, use the collective intelligence of others. Joining a Magic Circle is one way to mind-stretch your way beyond perceived boundaries because it’s what happens when amazing people doing amazing things collaborate and cross-pollinate.

The result. Fresh perspectives, so your energy, inspiration and creativity rock to new levels. Clarity and focus, so you can reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is masterminding with a Totally Hela twist, based on 20 years of connecting women in business and understanding the dynamics of mixing and matching personalities, experience and values.

  • It’s a powerhouse of wonder women in business who are driven, ambitious and positive
  • A dynamic collective of carefully selected members
  • Expert guidance, moderation and facilitation from Totally Hela
  • An intimate & supercharged ecosystem that ignites new ideas, different points of view, foresight, insight and accountability
  • The Magic Circle fuels giant thinking which leads to solid gold results

Hang out in a circle

A Magic Circle is led by Totally Hela. Each circle is goal-oriented, structured around the members, focussed on results and driven by clarity and accountability.

  • The 3 circle members meet face-to-face every month for 4 hours and support each other with a weekly check-in
  • Each member paints a picture about where their business is in terms of specific goals, challenges, needs, wants and desires
  • The circle offers advice-&-guidance and provides suggestions-&-solutions on how to move forward

Totally Hela Magic Circle



    • 1 month’s membership of a Magic Circle
    • Each circle consists of 3 members and Totally Hela
    • 1 x 4-hour face-to-face monthly meeting with the circle
    • 4 x weekly accountability check-in


Mechanics of The Magic Circle

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Trust underpins each circle. An NDA is sent for each circle member to sign. The purpose of the NDA is to rubber stamp the ethos of the circle and provide peace of mind between members that all conversations, ideas and documents shared will remain private and confidential.

Each circle member receives a questionnaire about their business brand, goals and challenges, which they complete and submit to Totally Hela before the first Magic Circle session.

Diary management & scheduling
Totally Hela co-ordinates monthly circle sessions between members and facilitates the weekly check-ins.

Magic Circle sessions
Each 4 hour session is moderated by Totally Hela to ensure the circle is 100% focused so each member receives maximum value, plays an active role within the circles and contributes to the success of the other members of the circle.

Google Doc
Each member of the circle has real-time access to a Google Doc so that everyone can update regularly throughout the course of the session.

Hot Seat
The principle of the Hot Seat is to gain clarity. Each member gets a chance to present to the other circle members and outline biggest challenges or issues they are facing right now. Other members of the circle provide a series of options, suggestion and opportunities to follow up on. the collective brain of each circle means everyone walks away with more ideas and solutions than they could generate on their own.

Accountability is key. Which is why a weekly check-in is essential to ensure circle members keep on track. 

Circle Support
As members of the circle are on parallel journeys to Success City they benefit hugely by having a virtual support system on hand. There’s nothing quite like having a sounding board to help decision making, a ray of sunshine when it rains and a tight knit gang of cheerleaders to fuel the social buzz and help celebrate little wins & big victories.